Welcome, IdeaSpace 10 for 2014!

Today, the team worked hard to facilitate the events that determined the next 10 tech startups that The Foundation is investing in.

In no particular order, the teams that scored equity funding and entry to the acceleration program are:

1. R-TAP
2. Tactiles
3. Tambio
4. FlipTrip
5. BluLemons Gaming Studio
6. Nyfti
7. WattSmart
8. SmartFleet
9. MyChild
10. Salt

Excited to be working with a larger family, and excited to be pimping the founders out to the communities soon!

On the flipside, I have encountered wonderful stories all over the country of those who sent in their ideas, didn’t make the cut, but went on to achieve great things. I met a delightful woman in one of my community visits who applied her fashion startup into the program, unfortunately did not make it beyond the 2nd round BUT went on to get funding from an angel. She is now launching her site. She shared to me how her experience of applying helped her validate her passion for her idea.

One of the TV ads I just tuned into referenced a quote from Henry Ford, and it could not be more fitting for this occasion:

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.

This is definitely not the end for those who didn’t make it to the cut; if anything, greater things are in store for those who learn from setbacks and act on them.

To quote one of the favorite lines in the startup world:

Fail fast, fail better, fail forward.

They say it is when people are passionate about solving an imminent problem that they succeed at coming up with a solution. And it is when private problems that transcend to social problems are addressed that impact for the better happens.

So contest or no contest, kudos to those with the courage to pursue their passion, and those with the grit to see it through.

I’m such a groupie of all you passionate people, you!

I wish you all the best! Carry on.

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