Why I Write

I once found myself in a conversation with a bunch of passionate people trying to look at root causes of the development challenges our nation is facing. One of us goes to say that part of what causes it is the cultural lack of affinity for writing. Cultures who have left legacies and built great empires left a lot of documentation to establish that greatness.

I, for one, know little about the relative extent of documentation we have had as a culture, as a nation. I have, however, felt the personal pangs of a microculture that has no penchant for documentation, which I found unfortunate. Agreeing on something verbally, and executing something that’s 180 degrees from initial agreements are common stories for highly iterative situations dealing with resources of questionable integrity.

Writing records histories of greatness, as it does serve as a platform to cover one’s ass.

A lot of things lie beyond social contracts, and I suppose this is the reason why legal contracts bank a lot on documentation.

Writing is vulnerability, and therefore courage.

Whether people love you or hate you for your sentiments, your decision to do it anyway and get a piece of your mind out there is a leap of faith in the self, and in our capacity to shape our milieu. A bunch of Filipinos back in the day who we currently revere as our heroes made it a point to write, even in spite of the risk of punishment. It was through their writing that we now recognize our roots, recognize our colonial histories, and recognize their efforts to reform, to enable our people to have a more magnanimous voice.

Writing is our voice that transcends time and space.

It enables stories to be carried beyond lifetimes, which I think is wonderful. We are lucky to have the freedom of speech in this lifetime. Personally, I owe it to discovering the virtue of writing, that I discovered my voice. You only get to connect the dots looking back, a great man named Steve Jobs once said. It is with documenting those dots that I have been fortunate to recognize the connections and convergences that have shaped my life.


So, yes friend, write.

Write that others may learn from you, whether it be amongst peers in your lifetime, or beyond.

Write so you may learn more about yourself.

Write because it is your right.


And so, in the spirit of writing, I shall conclude this casual writing excursion and go onto some formal contract-drafting pursuits.

Carry on and exercise thy right to write!




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