Happiness In, Happiness Out

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit.
I say it takes 42 days to REALLY build a habit.
I just got through my 42nd day of eating vegan! Yeay!

Sharing some scrumptious highlights of my journey so far:

Prepping a lettuce-grape-mango contraption, for experimentation’s sake. Turned out yom!


Availing a vegan diet delivery service c/o Fitness Gourmet. This was the best breakfast I  had – vegan pizza!



Munching on these hot and yummy PH made bars!



Ordered my 1st vegan Subway sandwich! Jalapenos is love.





Had the energy to make my own salad and learning to love the different flavor ranges of vinegar-



Went home early from a raving party to instead read up on tech articles and munch on carrot sticks. Haha!



Getting a banana from my officemate. One of the best things about this transition is being grateful for the extra thoughtfulness of friends who are rooting for my sustenance and sustainability in this lifestyle.



My ate cooking me Moringa spirals for lunch as a pre-yoga booster. Again, so thoughtful of her, and I am so touched!



Chancing upon this lovely looking AND tasting dessert at Romulo Cafe during the Geeks on a Beach presscon. Latik + Suman = love.



Creating this homemade tonic to fight sickness with ginger essence and sugar!



Bringing this to our bus ride en route to Laoag for breakfast. Better than dairy chocolate milk, hands down!


Eating this vegan lumpia at Spring, which is walkable from my workplace. Yeay! Of course I drowned it with chili sauce, and of course I like being reminded that I am what I eat.

You are what you eat.

Cruelty in, cruelty out. Mindfulness in, mindfulness out. Happiness in, happiness out!


Yup, vegan options exist in a food place as mainstream as Pancake House!


Soy latte at Wildflour Cafe. I had the honey replaced with liquid sugar instead. Instavegan, yeay!


Red photo c/o the red lighting at El Chupacabra (which happens to be located near the red light district – no pun intended). This vegan chori taco was grilled to goodness! The avocado, lemon and cilantro combo is a wonderful explosion of flavors to munch on!


Dinner with dear high school friends at Simple lang. BBQ tofu, brown rice, and stir fry baguio beans + squash definitely made me full. Go ahead, judge how I ate a lot. Good eats. Haha.



Being vegan in Vigan. Last meal at this wonderful city, munching on yummy Shiitake mushroom maki!



Dish # 2 was this sizzling chopsuey dish. I loved how Cafe Leona emphasized vegan dishes with an asterisk. Yup, not vegetarian, but vegan!



One of the best banana chips I’ve ever tasted. No kidding! Even my omnivore friends couldn’t agree more.



Going back to the office from my trip only to discover that another officemate got me these yummy vegan treats. I’m so lucky!



And what to give my officemates as pasalubong than Tinubong Kakanin a.k.a. Sundot Kulangot haha. Happens to be vegan, BT-dub!



And of course coming home to dinner preps that ate Gai made: garlic kangkong! Yum.


Taking this moment to thank everyone who has been supportive and considerate of my special needs, for respecting my motives behind this commitment, and for considering to share vegan meals with me from time to time.

It’s all about curbing negative impact, and freeing up more energy to amplify positive impact!




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