I Am Grateful

Today, I choose to focus on how considerate people have been and continue to be considerate.

I wake up in the morning with bananas and other vegan treats ready at the breakfast table. While my brother gobbles on his bacon, he is concerned and mindful, making sure I have something to eat.

I hop on over to yoga class, which happened to be a hot and bendy session at that. We do Prasarita Padottanasana III and it felt nice to have my teacher instinctively bend my hands further towards the ground for a deeper stretch. At pauses, our teacher reminded us to go be compassionate to our bodies, and to go back to our intentions, mine for today being kindness.

I go to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch, not so long ago when I used to eat meat, and I order a salad. Based on Foursquare, I read rants from vegetarians claiming that waiters could not understand the gist of removing certain ingredients in their templatized salad. Forewarned, I gave it a try. My first request for a Symphony Salad sans the eggs was unfortunately unavailable. Mr. Waiter tells me to try out the Mango Royale salad instead, but I told him I couldn’t take mayonnaise. I suggested he make it vinagrette based, to which he initially had apprehensions on, but eventually agreed to. Lo and behold, I get my vegan salad and shake for lunch, along with a smile from the waiter. He was amused at how it was possible to serve salad this way.

I hop on over to Katipunan for work, where I arrived too early. Deciding to kill time at Starbucks, ate barista and I collaborated to make my yummy abangers cooler happen: an iced-cocoa-soy drink. Look ma, no dairy!

And as 1:30PM approaches, I get giddy as I look forward to hearing out the pitches of the high school teams. They are all part of the 1st hackathon in our country, and I feel ecstatic about seeing the output coming from our ideation session yesterday. Can’t wait to see that optimism and drive being translated into actionable initiatives!

And so I sit and ponder about all these connections around me in pursuit of the good. Whether they were momentary or continuous, they are validations of the cliché that no man is an island. We are more similar than we are different. We communicate so we understand, so we can have a greater capacity to be considerate to each other.

Happy Sunday!


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