Some people think I’d be the type of person to evade negativity just so I can dwell and bask in the positivity of things.

Truth is, although I preach positivity and self-empowerment as I go through my journey in yoga, advocacy work, higher education, establishing engagements with people for collaborative and synergistic opportunities, the works – the hunger to do so is driven by this: why is it that I was born into this time and space, where yes, some are more fortunate than me, but most others have to deal with so many challenging ‘givens’?

The knowledge that only 10% of the Philippine population get to graduate college bothers me.

I am perplexed by stories of violations of fundamental human rights.

It makes me feel uncomfortable how ends are made to justify means, and how this is being perpetuated.

I do not know much about the ins and outs of development theories. In fact, on my 1st day of class this sem, the theory of economic development was dubbed ‘mainstream’ by my prof, and she invited the class to zone in on more neoliberal views. The fact that this isn’t my niche makes me excited to learn more. It’s a very much welcomed discombobulation.

As of this writing (5:45PM), I’m stuck in traffic, and I am going to be late for class. There are others now suffering their own private costs given social costs incurred by an incident like the MRT getting literally derailed off its tracks.

Some others at this very point in time are figuring out if they will have dinner to eat.

Pardon me if I roll my eyes when I hear any of you complain about relatively first world problems, and obsess over how it’s making your life miserable.

Pardon me if I kneejerkingly cringe at seeing you spend shitloads of money in poisonous lifestyles when the rest of humanity can barely get by. I respect that it is okay to bask in life’s little pleasures, sure. Game! But to do so in reckless abandon is insensitive.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that. I’ve been considered one of the insensitives. I think I know it well enough to realize I can do better things with the finite time I have in this world.

I invite us all to channel this rage and transform it into something wonderful and revolutionary.
I invite us all to go out and explore the world,
to observe the presents in our presence,
to fill ourselves with gratitude so much so that it overflows,
to go beyond our comfort zones and find our edge,
to see the gaps,
to be part of gap-filling pursuits,
to help the other as a means of filling in the self.

Darkness validates light. Light shines bright amidst darkness.
For those in the dark, light awaits.
For those in the light, be the bearers to guide those in the dark.

At the risk of sounding sophist, I do declare to channel this rage to transformative action.


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