Dumaguete Discoveries – Veg Edition

My friends are usually super conscious about where we eat because they’re concerned that I might end up not having anything to eat. Allow me to quote Bob Marley when he says: don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing’s gonna be alright! Hey, my work makes me go around the country a lot and, contrary to mainstream belief, it’s actually been a wonderful process of discovering various places that serve healthy and cruelty-free food!

Here are some gastronomic findings I’ve chanced upon in the wonderful city of Dumaguete!


Spring rolls at Kri Restaurant. Super good and comes in 3 different sauces. There is a separate segment for vegetarian dishes indicated in their menu (yeay!). We also had clear soup (whose name I forgot, but we were all laughing about it because its name sounded like ‘laway’ – an apt name for a dish with okra) with malunggay, squash and okra. It was different from typical vegan soup fair, which was refreshing for me. I ended up eating the fried veg rolls which were sides of my teammate’s tuna dish. It was paired with native vinegar with chili seeds abound. Yum.ย  Nice interiors, too. A must try.

We ended up going to Sans Rival Bistro which is a quaint and beautiful corner place right across the seawall. I had 2 pieces of silvannas and Dilmah tea for P45. Crazy amazing! Of course, one cannot hop over Dumaguete without having this. Anyone care for making soy/nut milk-based silvamnas more mainstream? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Last night’s dinner was another open restaurant across the seawall called Lab-as. It’s name is a bisaya term for fresh, it being a seafood restaurant. I had this nifty buko juice for P40 along with wonderfully soft coconut meat. Mains was Pinakbet and mixed rice. Good eats!

Taking my niece (who’s studying in beautiful Silliman) to dinner, she ate Caesar Salad at C&L, a rooftop restaurant overlooking the city view. I had fries.


We then went to Awesome Desserts for dessert, a new place. The entertainment outside was fairly provocative (let’s just leave it at that), and the cakes that we ate were too sweet and creamy (and lacked enough body to maintain a good texture for a decent Pavlova and Chocolate Cheesecake). Good thing, our mochas saved the night. We got these beautiful cups of coffee and art for P75 each. Good, too.



We woke up at 4AM to day assuming there was a 5AM boat ride to Siquijor for a personal side trip. Lo and behold, trips on Sundays start at 8AM, so we welcomed it as an opportunity to go to the palengke (street market) to have some legit Budbud paired with mainit na tsokolate. There were white and purple grain variants, and we got the purple one. So good. We paid P20 for the pair. Awesome gastronomic deal.

There you have it, more hits and misses overall. This trip of gastronomic bliss has deepened my love affair with Dumaguete!


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