Thank YOU for making 2014 awesome!

If there’s anything I enjoy doing, it’s expressing gratitude. So much so that it might be to a fault, figuring out how to end conversations with both parties tirelessly saying thank you on end until the energy wanes. Rightly so, there have been a smorgasbord of reasons to be thankful:

I work and learn with intellectual rockstars – not just those who preach, but those who do.

The ideas, events and people that make up my life so far has allowed me to transition from seeing the world through a lens of myopia to a viewpoint that is more long-term, more inclusive.

I have been granted the privilege of discovering and engaging in real-life stories powered by the immense drive to achieve big things, coupled with the act of humility and the mindfulness of doing it for the greater collective.

I am blessed to be in a role that allows me to scale the faith and unwavering belief of Filipino creativity and innovation.

I find myself in a time and space where the geeks are rightly taken to be the cool and sexy ones. The knowledge economy is chipping off the barricades of feudal thought, and I believe in this fiercely.

I have learned so many things, from the institutional, to the industrial, to the regulatory, to the psychological, to the primal, to the mundane. To continue to learn is gold. Just gold.

I gained an influx of new encounters that allowed me to open up my horizon and look forward to the myriad of things yet to learn and act on.

I’ve had my fair share of heartbeat skips and heartbreaks. It’s a gratifying feeling to experience a newfound spectrum of emotions.

Speaking of feelings, it was in this year that I’ve rekindled a deeper love for the Philippines and its people. Other people see it, and, well, the rest of us ought to.

2013 was a year of awareness – awareness of a bigger world (thank you grad school! Thank you startup experience! Thank you Mang Nani Guanlao!). 2014 has been a year of belief – the belief of one’s own dreams and the bravery to act on them, more so the dream of others and helping them act on it. 2015 will be a year of cultivating the connection. We’re only getting started, love.



Wearing my goggles of reflection, I look back at the photos snapped the past year as they chronicled moments of awesomeness. There are just too many to curate highlights – which one to choose? They’re all just too awesome.

1 thing remains clear though:
People enable, have enabled, and will continue to enable this awesomeness. Thank YOU for being a part of my life. I resolve to cultivate the connection with you.

Wishing all of us a brighter 2015 ahead! Light and love, everyone!


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