Do we trust our own?

It fascinates me how a lot of people not born Filipinos but have stayed in our country since, has such immense love for our place.

It makes me think of others who were born here, and have given up on their birthplace.

I have no right to judge them, because I am not in their shoes. Perhaps there was a lack of opportunities at their tipping point moment.

Perhaps resources are not as decentralized across the 7,107 islands as we’d ideally like it. This made me think of regulatory mandates like how minimum wage is lower in the countryside VS the capital, and how infrastructure investment is frontloaded here in the metro.

And we complain that Metro Manila is congested. I am guilty. I complain, but I also represent local diaspora.

If I could do the work that I do, and learn the things that I learn in my hometown, things would be different. Until such time, I will devote my energies in making that happen. I want the girls of today and tomorrow to dream big and achieve big, without having to look far, or even leave home.

Who can we trust as a people to enable is for us? We have been historically screwed several times, but we must not lose hope.

It is my personal belief that we ought to believe in ourselves, and believe in each other.

The upclimb to ideal steady state is steep. But it is important not to default to blamist thinking and institution-bashing.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

As a collective, we can. Let’s do this!


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