Bring Breakfast Back

This morning, I just had pancakes for breakfast with my boyfriend. Now, I am 15th in queue to check in for my flight. I find myself smiling, thinking of breakfast. I think shared breakfast is one of the best things in life.

Whenever I go home to my birthplace in Mindanao, I look forward to the smell of breakfast when I wake up, with my mom howling my name just like old times.

I like travelling and the different kinds of  breakfast that come with it.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to have lunch with one of the best Filipinas I know. She is a staunch advocate for the agriculturists and the holistic agricultural industry. In our conversation, she shared that she went through a deeply traumatic experience. What helped her greatly recover is spending time with her foster parents, and talking with them. They would devote 2 hours of every morning to have breakfast together, considering that they are all entrepreneurs with very busy lifestyles. Breakfast for them was sacred, and it personally helped her with healing her soul.

This conversation reminded me of an article I read, featuring a study of the behavior of Japanese teenage girls, and the frequency of having breakfast with their families. The regressed data set showed that there was a significant negative correlation between breakfast frequency and the propensity to get pregnant out of wedlock.

And as we know, in that famous study in the US, it was found that there is also a significant positive correlation between unwanted children, and crime rate.

Now, it is dangerous to conclude that solutions to problems are monolithic. But I have a working theory that having more shared breakfasts between the significant people in your life can instigate a revolution.

So on my end, I’m sensationalizing breakfast in the pursuit that one day, I will be able to convince much of the populace to sleep early, get up, be active and have meaningful breakfast, so they won’t end up making bad decisions late at night. Haha!



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