Focusing on the Upside

My head has been looming on a lot of negative and dark matter.

Why am I not enough?
Why can’t I achieve this or that?
Why am I not as sharp as I used to be?
What happened?
What is my purpose?

On the flipside, the world has an amusing way of reminding me how beautiful it is.

Riding the jeepney going to UPLB earlier today, a mother guided me to the right direction, shared about her pride of her son doing a funded biofuel research. She went on to remind me that I can do it and make my thesis in time.

At the karinderya, Ate gave me free iced tea with my meal, and went to make customized iced coffee for me.

Arriving in Manila and going off the bus to meet the wet, rainy road, a woman calls me from the back, suggesting she share her umbrella with me. Awww.

And asking people working in the DOST TBIs about their insights has been fulfilling. They seem to be such brilliant yet such grounded people.

I need to remind myself to trust more in the world. The more I trust it, the more it trusts me.



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