Falling Deeper

1. When he sends me cute stickers when we greet each other good morning and good night.

2. When he starts acclimating to my bekkyspeak and silly mannerisms.

3. When he anticipates my needs, puts me to bed when I’m out, or gets me Berocca tubes in preparation for my trips.

4. When I observe him doing his craft in serious passion and focus.

5. When he teaches me patience by exercising it during my occasional outbursts, and leading by example.

6. When he checks in on me and makes sure I am safe.

7. When he constantly allows me to speak my mind and heart out by asking me how I feel, even when I blurt out inconvenient truths (or opinions).

8. When he encourages me to do my best and believe in me so much, even when I doubt myself sometimes.

Falling deeper and deeper, then.


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