Why Entrepreneurship?

An excerpt from:
‘Screw it, Just do it!’ | mb.com.ph | Philippine News
-a feature on Mr. Branson’s visit to Manila

“entrepreneurs are important because they create jobs. When we are able to make more than what we need and provide for the people who work for us, we should start looking outward. When asked “How do you select an advocacy?” His advice was to look for problems in your local area. Look at your surroundings. When you are able to contribute to fixing that problem, eventually it will grow into a national scale or even an international one.”

‘As a leader, you should be full of praise for people and rarely criticize. You have to be a good listener. Before you make a decision, listen, listen, listen.’

Branson’s mother played a key role in molding him into the leader he is today. He said that when he criticized, his mum would make him stand in front of the mirror and say, “What you see in others, you see in yourself.”



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