I Need a Man After All


1. Killing cockroaches. I cannot deal with a ravage flying one. I cannot.

2. The myriad of installations needed. Try installing your aircon on your own. Ha!

3. Human blanket. This is very handy especially for when you’re sick! This human blanket is so high tech that it preps your water and meds, too.

4. Opening jars. We’ve all been through this. There are just some jars that even those grip scissor things cannot handle.

5. Getting sick. There is nothing like someone checking in on you to make sure that you’re not dead, or on the flipside, that you’re recovering.

6. Foundations. Having someone dear and significant to us who we’ll spend most of your free hours with will allow us to know ourselves better. They are our mirrors. For instance, I never knew I had a problem with my posture while eating. It was the boyfriend who pointed out that I keep staining my blouses because of it. Ack. The inconvenient truth.

So there. This is a letter addressed to my younger self, very confident in thinking that independence means not needing anyone else at all. Hey, 22-year old self! I’m living on my own now, and I’ve repeatedly sought the help of your would-be boyfriend for these things. Wuddyaknow.


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