A Plea to Storytelling

A lot of founder friends on Facebook have been posting this, especially the ones due to pitch to our board tomorrow. I like how this captures the purpose of having pitch practices, and the value of introspection in connecting oneself with the pitch.

Working with an accelerator, it is natural to sit through hundreds of pitches through and through. And the empathic and succinct ones do stand out. It not only helps the founder explain things simply, it is also his or her way of extending courtesy to the listener (potential investors in this case), as if to say, “I value your time, and I took the effort to understand what perspective you have and what most likely you would want to zero in on in my pitch”. So for all my friends who embrace the virtue of being succinct and empathic, I thank you.

Some notable blurbs from the article:

“What you need is for the investor to know is that this a great market, and you can do that in 30 seconds.”

A memorable startup pitch is “an exercise in empathy and storytelling,” not salesmanship

A Startup Pitch Should Be Empathic, Not Egotistic | 500 Startups


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