The Void

I’m browsing through old photos. Pre-relationship me was SO out and about! Exploring new places and spaces, experimenting on experiences and going out with friends are some of the many other things that filled up my time.

Then the love of my life came. Beautiful whirlwind. I wanted to spend every spare minute of my time with him. He came at a time where I was travelling a lot for work, and when I was around, I was doing grad school. Studying and classes took a lot of my time.

Now, I’ve graduated from grad school (yeay!), and my new role at work does not require me to travel as much. So I have much more extra time these days. Yes, MUCH MORE. And I’ve felt so much of that void. As much as I want to fill up my extra time with my boyfriend, the life of an entrepreneur does not warrant free time by 7pm everyday.

Indeed, this phase is a great test of patience. It has served as a challenge to summon my courage to reconnect – with my friends, and with myself.

And so this is me declaring my respect for the creative process. The silence. The nothingness. The space to create something new and meaningful.

Here’s to living a life of beautiful balance and appreciating the ups and downs of the journey towards it.


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