Sinek the Sapien Extraordinaire

I was reminded of his compelling TED talk (What? How? WHY?) when it was tackled in a seminar I attended last year. Then at the end of last year, his interview piece talking about the nuances of Millenial generation went totally viral!

Since then, I’ve made a deliberate effort to set my phone aside when in meetings and meals with other people. Also, I try to make it a point to do non-gadget related things at night when I arrive at home after work. Suffice it to say it’s helped me feel less choked about the massive information I’d usually stuff myself with when I used to be super enthralled with my gadgets. It got to the point that, while I felt like a sponge, it felt like I couldn’t translate all that information and learning into creation. That definitely does not feel good.

I need constant reminders. It’s good to be nudged that being more present in the moment, whether with ourselves or with others can be so refreshing. Here’s to less “self-help” approaches, and spending more mindspace in the “help others” paradigm!

I’m excited to follow his channel and blog further!



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