“Where do the good boys go to hide away?” – so goes the song. Good point. I got myself a good boy. My patience and prayers were rewarded.

It’s a privilege to be part of this evolving story of ours. From the jitters we felt when we started dating, to the comfort we now feel in each other’s company.

I remember the times he’d pick me up after class just so we can spend time together. Or that night when we decided to stroll around The Academic Oval and catch up on each other’s day. Or that time he went with me to his alma mater when I had a talk, and we went to the cafeteria and he toured me around. All the things I missed in high school, In college – all those years, what we have now has filled in the void.

It is not an easy life, being in a relationship. But it does pave the way for a spectrum of new experiences and opportunities for character formation.

I like the little things I do for him too. Trying to cook for him (even though most of the time it’s lackluster in taste), rubbing his back, doing errands here and there. It adds relevance and purpose.

I look forward on the next phases of evolution for our partnership. To patience and prayers, here we go. 😊


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