Breaking Baaaad.

It is 4:44 in the morning and this marks my 1st breach of my self-declared 21-day blogging challenge. January 14 was unfortunately left unrepresented. But I’ll be having a call with some  DC people later in the morning, and that will have occured by 8:30 in the evening of January 14th on their end. This, therefore, is my measly attempt to recover.

And speaking of Recover, here’s an apt song for the occasion:

Admittedly it’s my 1st time to watch this video even though I’ve had this song on repeat for a full week back when it was released. Kinda reminds me of the visuals of the movie adaptation of Ender’s Game. Ish. Don’t even get me started on how much this reminds me of the music video of The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition. Ahhh, great songs and their weird music videos.

Gotta love synth!

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An Appeal to Le Roi Soleil

I can’t find my earphones. I’ve subjected my body to different and occasionally queer positions all in the pursuit of finding my earphones. I need my music – my mutually exclusive, competing, excludable music. And I just discovered that my trusty red matte lipstick is gone. Nada. It must have fallen inside the trash bin unnoticed. Lesson learned: position trash bin far, far away from make-up stash. Duh.

Okay, so I know that there’s so much more to be concerned about at this point in time than my earphones or my tube of lipstick that have gone MIA  i.e. the people in flooded areas, other stranded people, the redevelopment costs involved with this onslaught of Mother Nature’s tears, among other things. Of course I care about these issues too. I’d just rather write about things non-Habagat related.

This is what I admire about the Islam belief. One of their pillars of faith, Zakah, dwells on alms-giving and puts significant weight on the anonymity of the generous act. Similar to the left hand – right hand lesson in the Bible, I suppose. Speaking of religion, Eid ul Fit’r is nearby! Thus marks the end of Ramadan for the year! Yes, this deserves exclamation – brought about by that chapter in Superfreakonomics dwelling on the relationship between a cohort of mothers’ observance of religious practices, subjection to plagues,  and other variables and its relation to their offspring outcomes.  I do hope expecting mothers opt out of fasting for the meantime. Come on, there’s still next year, right?

In other mundane news that’s of a lighter note, I was so happy to be dancing with my 2-year old nephew whenever we’d finish narrating the alphabet. Yes, tonight, we celebrated over the alphabet. The look on his face was priceless by the time we’d reach the letter Z. We’d then tap dance together like monkeys. I’d then attempt to give him a high-five, but he consistently would run away. Then we start again with A, B, C–

Speaking of kids, I was thinking of naming my would-be daughter Sophia Helen so I can call her Lenny. Yes, I have an inexplicable love for things and ideas associated with the Medieval. And imagine how cool it would be to have your daughter named after one of the sexiest rock singers of your time. Oh yeah.

And while I refuse to exude my own efforts in helping out and prefer to keep them to myself, I’d rather enjoin my dear intarweb friends to sing these songs with me. This’ll keep the rain out, I hope.


And my most favorite Sun-related song of all time!



If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops, oh what a rain it would be. But it’s not. So Sun, my love, please come out soon. Sooner than my gay friends come out of their closets, I hope!




Dubstep Discoveries


Thank you Universe for giving me this night. Been a while since I’ve been buzzed, been a while since I’ve drowned in great music.

A good friend once said that we live in circles. A poet once said that lonely is  freedom that breathes easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it. This night is a testament that life is tolerable, nay, great even when your lonely – but not alone. Even though it seems to have been ages since seeing good friends, when you’re all there and present in the moment, the gap is forgotten and it feels like the last time you met up with them was yesterday.

Life is full of pleasant surprises. Others, horrid but let’s focus on the pleasant.


If there is something you want that’s not staring at you in the face upfront, ask. This applies to food orders in Fred’s Cubao X, and no, Pluto, this place is not called Happy Bread. Get your direction instructions straight. Haha! Mwah! and perhaps in life as well. Straightforwardness, brazenness are our tickets to score.

I love this place. This is the mecca of cheap alcohol, great music and an ecclectic crowd in my now.

I’ve always had an admiration for the offbeat, for those who don’t mind sticking out like a sore thumb, for those who challenge the status-quo, for those who respect the concept of individuality. Emancipation from the hard-wired human tendency to judge is the constant pursuit.

I like it when I learn something new in conversations I have with people. Braingasm, it should be called. I hear that Dubstep is a sub-genre of Reggae. It sure does sound more related to Techno and House rather than Reggae. I love how the Bass elements of this type of music seeps through my heart.

The set-up looked really unconventional. It was my 1st time to see a mobile DJ booth.


I don’t know why I even bothered to post this bad, incomprehensible photo. But that is the roof of the booth. The DJ is supposed to be inside it. The 1st DJ was playing hardcore Dubstep beats and it sounded so good that we felt compelled to go nearer. What a happy discovery it was to see an Amy Winehouse-looking girl scratching inside the booth. Represent!

The Rasta-ish guy who chanted along with the music was saying statements about how to stave off the policeman and the politician and that, if you’re a man, you love a woman. This, he said among a fairly respresented group of same-sex couples in the crowd. I could not help but chuckle.

He then went on to say that we were all rich. That wealth is beyond money. Word. Jah.

The next DJ was Japanese and was more in tune to his Reggae roots. A dude in dreads climbed up the booth and waved the Jamaican flag while dancing to the music. The night ended beautifully with a mix featuring that old song Kapayapaan.

If only workweeks started Tuesday. I’d have been going on Irie Sundays since time immemorial. Ahhhh, life. 🙂

Beats for the Beaches

On days like these when even the office AC can’t keep you cool despite wearing office clothes that can be categorized as borderline scantily clad, any person would just want to make this heat official by heading out to the beach. On that note, I am not in any beach as of this writing though I sure as hell wished I were – 9 days without it and counting. Akkkk! I miss it so bad. Caught in a bad romance. Errr.

For the meantime, here’s my reco round-up of nice beats to bring on your next beach trip – songs I’ve experienced sunbathing to first-hand, or tunes that just make me want to somersault my way to the beach like an impulsive weirdo. Note: I’m not even going to attempt including Lady Gaga’s Summerboy or L.F.O.’s Summer Girls in this list. Please.

  • The entire Kaskade – Strobellite Seduction album.  Angel on My Shoulder personally stuck to me the most.
  • Anything Bob Marley! I swear if you think I’m not stating the obvious, I don’t know where you’ve hung out or what shell you’ve been living inside in!
  • Chillitees  (Extra Rice ++) . I’m so happy to have encountered their music in Malasimbo. Their album is so… chill. Duh. Perfect for lazing around. They have other singles out too, all of which I think are equally awesome. My favorite is Sama Na. Perfect song for that “Yes woman” mindset. Here’s another one of their singles with a beachy theme to the video (interesting how spontaneous they were at making it, too – see video desc):

  • June Marieezy – Summertime. Getting stoked for later’s Manila Music festival got me bumping into this girl’s music. Nothing fancy. Just really straightforward, honest-to-goodness offbeat Pinoy music.
  • Sugar Ray – Dance Like No One’s Watching. And this is the song I’ve been putting on repeat ever since a colleague recommended the song to me.


That said, I look forward to the day when I shall be one with the waters again. For now, I’ll have to settle with waterguns, then. 🙂


John Mayer Mania!!!

So Friday was the day. It was as if the heavens conspired for this night to be epic. It was. And by epic, I mean bittersweet. In great anticipation, we headed out to the open concert grounds only to be greeted by shiznit-loads of rain. Even with my umbrella above my head, all that was left dry at that point was my soul. The tantrums were about to surface. I told myself, John Mayer better be hot enough in real life to make up for this.

photo courtesy of Ate Sheng (a VIP view!)

He totally was. After enduring being scolded by security, getting our undies drenched, having to buy a cup of 35-peso water to ease my thirst, it was a night to remember. My friend and I went back to the railings anyway (good thing, them scary looking bouncers got busy) to get a better view of him – or the screen, that is. Our other friends were left with an alternative view of a couple making out. Okay, so when an umbrella moves down a bit, we occasionally get to see him on stage. We were so far away that his entire body was smaller than a third of my thumb.

John Mayer on the screen amidst the umbrellas

All these obstacles will never overcome how great he is as an artist. the words in his songs are so loose and relatable. The way he strums his guitar is so weird and amazing. His facial expressions tell you that he’s really into what he’s doing, and that accentuates how hot he is. Yes, even in his ordinary black shirt, he was smokin’.

Ahhh, the unbearable lightness of being. All the other annoying stuff had to happen in order to make this night as surreal as it was. It’s just like how salt actually makes chocolate milk more delicious.

Me and my railmate 😉

See our wet, happy faces. No one else can correlate sulfur and heartbreak like JM. No one else can muse about how he’s perfectly lonely so nonchalantly. I’m tired of being alone, so hurry up and get here. 🙂

Of Airplanes and Stars

And I quote:

“9/11 is why we can’t pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars”.

I’ve encountered this remark on a few of my Facebook friends’ status updates and this never fails to crack me up. When I heard the song, I was on total LSS (last song syndrome) mode. I was cursed with LSS yet again as I browsed over another article on how Hayley Williams and B.O.B. actually haven’t seen each other in person, and yet their collaboration together has made such a huge hit – and an opportunity for people to make a witty spin on the lyrics.

On a lighter note, here’s a link to one of my fave covers on the song, a mashup of Nothin’ on You and Airplanes by Clara and Jason. Got across Clara’s channel, thanks to Michelle Phan’s channel, which I just love, love, love. Everytime she posts a new video, I feel oh-so giddy and excited to watch it. But let me dwell more on that in another blog post.