Reassembling the Dislodged

Yesterday was a day full of meeting wonderful new people and gaining new experiences. Yesterday was also a day of viewing things in a different perspective: getting insight into how students think, how faculty thinks, how owners of family businesses think, how events people think, how start-up founders think.

It was also revitalizing to be thrown questions whose answers I never really thought of before. Explaining the incubation set-up and the justifications therein fueled by my general kneejerk tendencies and pitching the advocacy to people who were curious were the rules in the court. I swear it almost felt like a Miss Universe pageant or something.

Today, in my indulgent attempt to go back to my center and unleash my hipster tendencies, please allow me to unleash my touristy reflective mood in photos:


Cebu IT park in noon heat.


Feet selfie below the tree shades before ze 1PM meeting, yes.


A view of Marriott and the moonshine. My future indie band will sound as swanky as this caption, I hope.


Puso lights over dinner.

I love the hipsterness and the technopreneurial appetite of Cebu!

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Breaking Baaaad.

It is 4:44 in the morning and this marks my 1st breach of my self-declared 21-day blogging challenge. January 14 was unfortunately left unrepresented. But I’ll be having a call with some  DC people later in the morning, and that will have occured by 8:30 in the evening of January 14th on their end. This, therefore, is my measly attempt to recover.

And speaking of Recover, here’s an apt song for the occasion:

Admittedly it’s my 1st time to watch this video even though I’ve had this song on repeat for a full week back when it was released. Kinda reminds me of the visuals of the movie adaptation of Ender’s Game. Ish. Don’t even get me started on how much this reminds me of the music video of The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition. Ahhh, great songs and their weird music videos.

Gotta love synth!

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On Building Habits

They say it takes at least 21 consecutive days to build a habit. I like to write. I think it’s time high time to build roots, pursue passions and amplify the voice for the better. Further to this, it’s also a good opportunity to channel my talkative spirit into writing and not bombarding my facebook friends with anything and everything I think of and feel.

What you’ll expect to read?

  • Profiles on the amazing visionaries I’ve had the honor to encounter
  • Musings on challenging the notion of the millennial as flakers (more on that in the next few posts)
  • Chronicles on stuff that are yet to reach the mainstream
  • Lovable local finds
  • My emerging love affair with technology
  • And everything else!

This is my way of addressing FOMO tendencies of a classic chronicler. 21 days it is, baby!

Cheers to pursuits on open book mentalities, more interconnections, respecting spaces (physical AND virtual), experimenting with quantum entanglement, and reducing the size of the 2nd quadrant of the Johari Window!

Convergence pursuits, yes! Convergence > Compartmentalization for the win!

More so, pursuits with purpose!



In the midst of scrolling through my newsfeed, a mosquito lands on my fablet screen and I kneejerkingly decide to press the part of the screen with the mosquito in it. Above is documentation of the aftermath.


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A Paternal Dharma

Slowly but surely, says my dad.

This, he said, when I told him how I felt about things slowly falling into place.

To further demonstrate what he meant, he goes and shares of The Shotgun Theory. This, he expounds, is when we pull the trigger in speedy succession, spreading bullets everywhere, but yielding a low hit-to-bullet ratio. As a student of life, he says he’d rather be like a sniper, studying his target, being aware of the surroundings, before deciding to pull the trigger steadily for a precise hit.

No, there was no mention of any metaphorical Diazepam in tonight’s phone conversation with him.

Slowly but surely.
I love metaphors.

He further goes on to say that it’s like being in a freeway, with all the haste and speed in the surroundings, and allowing yourself to take in everything without feeling the need to keep up, or surpass the other elements in the freeway. This, he calls Visual Parallax. I do not know what that even means.

It is conventional to compete, he says. In a race, it is more frequent to see contenders finish the race first before helping out a competitor in any need of assistance than vice versa.

Wala nang silbi ang damo kung patay na ang baka.


A stern visage of my dad, staged of course, photographed by his then 4-year old nephew, Miguel

As our phone conversion nears its end, I go and conclude in gratitude, thanking him for giving a piece of his mind, for sharing his Dharma for the day. I told him that I was looking forward to the next.

My dad says, “Okay, I’ll let you know my second Dharma tomorrow. In case I don’t get in touch, you already know what the Dharma is: Silence is Golden.”

I am such a lucky daughter to have this being as my dad.

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Inner Battle

It is seven minutes shy ’til 8AM and I am still in bed, engaging in an internal debate whether I should go to Yoga class or not. I still haven’t gotten onto the meat of my presentation outline for the business review session set with our partners this week. I have been experiencing pain in my left wrist for several days now. I sprained my right thumb during Gentle Flow class yesterday morning when I carelessly landed on my spider fingers instead of my palms. I could be spending time doing other things.

But the Sunday morning Sun is glorious and wonderful. It is only fitting to pay gratitude by way of Surya Namaskars.

Pain reminds me of my humanness. Pain is an intense feeling but it is, like most other things in this world, temporary. I look forward to learning more from what my body will tell me today.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.

I wish everyone a jubilant and fruitful Sunday morning!