On Treading On

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Sheryl Sandberg graduation speech: It’s the hard days that determine who you are – The Boston Globe

“But I also learned that when life sucks you under, you can kick against the bottom, break the surface, and breathe again. I learned that in the face of the void β€” or in the face of any challenge β€” you can choose joy and meaning.”


Focusing on the Upside

My head has been looming on a lot of negative and dark matter.

Why am I not enough?
Why can’t I achieve this or that?
Why am I not as sharp as I used to be?
What happened?
What is my purpose?

On the flipside, the world has an amusing way of reminding me how beautiful it is.

Riding the jeepney going to UPLB earlier today, a mother guided me to the right direction, shared about her pride of her son doing a funded biofuel research. She went on to remind me that I can do it and make my thesis in time.

At the karinderya, Ate gave me free iced tea with my meal, and went to make customized iced coffee for me.

Arriving in Manila and going off the bus to meet the wet, rainy road, a woman calls me from the back, suggesting she share her umbrella with me. Awww.

And asking people working in the DOST TBIs about their insights has been fulfilling. They seem to be such brilliant yet such grounded people.

I need to remind myself to trust more in the world. The more I trust it, the more it trusts me.


Love is Difficult

When I was young, and whenever my parents would not be able to make themselves present for the things I felt were important moments (for example, in my 3rd grade recognition rites ceremony, it was my 1st time not to get 1st honors, and it was also my 1st time to have someone else other than my parents to put on a bronze medal on me). While they are painful moments that I inadvertently look back to in my childhood, some happened simply because they chose to be there for things of a higher priority (like going on business trips to earn money and put food on the table, and pay my tuition so I can actually go to school in the first place). Now that I am an adult, I am only beginning to understand the flipside of the situation, that as a needy kid, I needed to toughen up and not be too needy and demanding. That if I were more considerate a daughter, it would have been a small token of appreciation for all their sacrificial love.

Tonight reminds me of that transformative pain. I try to be as productive and to dabble in many things. I also want to be the best in everything that I do – the best student for my academic advisors, the best partner liaison for my colleagues, the best girlfriend for my lover, the best daughter for my parents, the best sibling for my brothers, the best tita for my nephews and niece. The list goes on. However, some segments in our lives have just got to give way to accommodate another more demanding area. And sometimes, succeeding in one area entails inadvertently failing in the other.

It is hard to accept failure. It is hard to accept difficulty. These things are just very unsexy. But they are part of the peaks and troughs of life. And one day, when I look back to this difficult moment in time, I pray that I’ll once again be realizing that this is a moment of transformation and of growth – that things will be better.

This, too, shall pass.

I pray for patience.
Selflessness. Consideration.
Understanding. Wisdom.
Strength. Courage.

I pray for unconditional love.
I pray that I may have enough strength to continue the pursuit of giving that love, as well as receiving this love.

Yes, giving and receiving no matter how difficult and inconvenient it may get.


Reinventions and Resilience

Something to inspire me when I need reminding that change is okay, change is good, and that going through hardship and great challenges will only make me stronger. To a better me, cheers!

This woman became a doctor at 39, entrepreneur at 50, author at 63 | Online Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs | Business Plan, Resources, Tips and Strategy | Entrepreneur Philippines:


Grounded Gratitude

My life growing up was not perfect, but it was the best way I could have imagined. For having parents who worked so hard so me and my brothers could get a good education and enjoy the pleasantries of childhood, I am immensely grateful. I want to remember the day that I vibered them this: