Happiness In, Happiness Out

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. I say it takes 42 days to REALLY build a habit. I just got through my 42nd day of eating vegan! Yeay! Sharing some scrumptious highlights of my journey so far: Prepping a lettuce-grape-mango contraption, for experimentation's sake. Turned out yom! Availing a vegan diet delivery... Continue Reading →


Vegan Diaries

Let me tell you a secret.   Yes, I'm a V.   Vegan, that is. Don't get me wrong. I never thought for a second that I'd decide to get into this. My inherent carnivorous self would kneejerkingly look forward to downing those sumptuous steaks at Del Monte Clubhouse whenever we'd go up to Bukidnon.... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Balasana

I find myself in a contemplative mood as I listen to my Matisyahu playlist on the train ride going home. I was in full concentration on their Live at Stubb's album, listening to that prelude about the kingdom and the people, and how both relate and validate each other. This reminded me of that unforgettable... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Ganesha

Ahh, obstacles. They make us feel uncomfortable. They make me feel uncomfortable. Suffice it to say that the past two weeks have been uncomfortable. Ganesha is said to be the god who removes the obstacles that come in our lives. Other proponents believe that Ganesha actually puts obstacles to serve as checkpoints in our lives,... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Learned From Gandhi

“Nothing is more important than the cultivation of yourself.”

Thought Catalog


First, two small stories:

#1: A woman walks with her son many miles and days to come to Gandhi. She is very worried about her son’s health because he is eating too much sugar. She comes to Gandhi and says, “please, sir, can you tell my son to stop eating sugar.”

Gandhi looks at her and thinks for a bit and finally says, “ok, but not today. Bring him back in two weeks.”

She’s disappointed and takes her son home. Two weeks later she makes the journey again and goes to Gandhi with her son.

Gandhi says to the boy, “you must stop eating sugar. It’s very bad for you.”

The boy has such respect for Gandhi that he stops and lives a healthy life.

The woman is confused and asks him, “Gandhi, please tell me: why did you want me to wait two weeks to bring back my son.”

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Inner Battle

It is seven minutes shy 'til 8AM and I am still in bed, engaging in an internal debate whether I should go to Yoga class or not. I still haven't gotten onto the meat of my presentation outline for the business review session set with our partners this week. I have been experiencing pain in... Continue Reading →

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