Sinek the Sapien Extraordinaire

I was reminded of his compelling TED talk (What? How? WHY?) when it was tackled in a seminar I attended last year. Then at the end of last year, his interview piece talking about the nuances of Millenial generation went totally viral!

Since then, I’ve made a deliberate effort to set my phone aside when in meetings and meals with other people. Also, I try to make it a point to do non-gadget related things at night when I arrive at home after work. Suffice it to say it’s helped me feel less choked about the massive information I’d usually stuff myself with when I used to be super enthralled with my gadgets. It got to the point that, while I felt like a sponge, it felt like I couldn’t translate all that information and learning into creation. That definitely does not feel good.

I need constant reminders. It’s good to be nudged that being more present in the moment, whether with ourselves or with others can be so refreshing. Here’s to less “self-help” approaches, and spending more mindspace in the “help others” paradigm!

I’m excited to follow his channel and blog further!


The Void

I’m browsing through old photos. Pre-relationship me was SO out and about! Exploring new places and spaces, experimenting on experiences and going out with friends are some of the many other things that filled up my time.

Then the love of my life came. Beautiful whirlwind. I wanted to spend every spare minute of my time with him. He came at a time where I was travelling a lot for work, and when I was around, I was doing grad school. Studying and classes took a lot of my time.

Now, I’ve graduated from grad school (yeay!), and my new role at work does not require me to travel as much. So I have much more extra time these days. Yes, MUCH MORE. And I’ve felt so much of that void. As much as I want to fill up my extra time with my boyfriend, the life of an entrepreneur does not warrant free time by 7pm everyday.

Indeed, this phase is a great test of patience. It has served as a challenge to summon my courage to reconnect – with my friends, and with myself.

And so this is me declaring my respect for the creative process. The silence. The nothingness. The space to create something new and meaningful.

Here’s to living a life of beautiful balance and appreciating the ups and downs of the journey towards it.

Week 41 Round-up


Yup, I just needed to post this. It was worth altering sleep cycles! After learning, reviewing and taking tests pertaining to modules on: Establishing Successful Entrepreneurship Programs, Guiding Companies: Leveraging Resources and Strategies, Finance and Operations for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Programs, and Design and Management of Facilities that Serve Entrepreneurs, I finally have my certificate! More than just getting the certificate itself, it was wonderful to gain first-hand insight from different incubation managers and pick their brains in the flesh. This process also served as good validation of the programs and ways to help entrepreneurs. Thank you IdeaSpace for supporting me in this effort.


When I was in Orlando 3 weeks ago to join the training sessions, I had the opportunity to meet different incubation managers fom all over the world (folks from the east coast to west coast to Egypt, Gibraltar, Korea and Madagascar!). Indeed, unique challenges are defined for every region in this world. I noticed that many of the US practitioners did not necessarily have a sustainability problem since there is substantial government support for incubators, whereas most of the international practitioners present there were either still running alpha versions of incubators, or are significantly thinking of ways and means to sustain the initiative.

My conversations with the people I have met in the conference definitely warrant another post. We had conversations about things like incorporating transcendental meditation as a way of supporting entrepreneurs, all the way to things like managing entrepreneurs who get defensive during the coaching process and would challenge us managers by saying things like, “if you’re so good at running a company, why don’t you do it yourself?”. Incubator folks: sounds familiar? Ha! But more on that later.

Out of the various discussions and sharings on best practice, challenges, and the like, one thing is definitely shared among all of us: that is, keeping the entrepreneur at the core and center of everything we do.

From Theory to Practice

One of the key takeaways I brought with me was that I learned about how incubator managers, with all the work needed on functions like admin, linkages, lead gen, etc., statistically only 30% time is spent with entrepreneurs. There was emphasis on having to conscientiously move the needle to a bigger percentage.

Since last week was my 1st full week back in the office after that lengthy (and super meaningful!) trip in the US, I decided to join most of the check-up meetings with the startups. I learned so much! It was amazing to see once-upon-a-time fledgling teams with only a startup idea months ago evolve into building a legit mechanism of helping its target addressable market. It was also gut-wrenching to see the teams that focused on form and pitching fall desperately behind on product building that is conscientiously based on market validation sprints. Such is life.


So IdeaSpace has this internal tradition that we have in the acceleration program called TalkSpace. During TalkSpace nights, our founders (and IdeaSpace staff) share about their life stories. It is our way to understand and appreciate one another better. The team that shared last week was just hilarious – and equally inspiring! I was also called to share my story. And not preparing made me blurt out streams of consciousness that lasted for an hour (wtf, an hour?! IKR. Damn, unprepared millenial!). And yes, not much was new – at the end of it, I cried.

Startup Supporting

Without sharing something here that will last for an hour’s read – the gist of my why is the stimulation that I get whenever I am able to witness first-hand the evolution of a team as they progress through the technopreneurial process. Connecting the dots, it must probably be why I was born into a couple who became entrepreneurs. And it must probably be why I was subconsciously attracted to have a relationship with an entrepreneur. Supporting entrepreneurs indeed takes many shapes and forms (both carrot and stick!).

And so, in the spirit of continuous, startup supporting, I’m looking forward to our Week 42 goals (it’s my birthweek this week!). I’m attending my 1st QBO event tomorrow, preparing for our Mentor Matching night this week, brainstorming with a YSEALI friend on a potential ASEAN-level startup support program, as well as prepping for another Startup Weekend in Dumaguete next month! But of course, apart from these, I need to remind myself to spend well over 30% of my time with our entrepreneurs!

I guess I already am considering my social life outside of work seems to be revolving more around them too.

Onwards, Startups! I’m cheering for you!

Love – StartupGirlie Goldy

Rainy Artsy Weekends


It’s been raining for days on end in Manila and what better way to have a cozy tita weekend indoors than go artsy fartsy?


Yup, I whipped out my Ikea water color kit, my Secret Garden coloring book, cleared my table and painted away. It was a therapeutic experience. And it was honestly a relief having that feeling of not wanting to pick up and check my phone every five minutes because I was engrossed into painting. Cheers to activities that cultivate zen!

Tita Golds

Find a Clooney, Be a Clooney

This is something I’d like my dear nephews Miguel, Joaquin and Ynjgo to be mindful of – that there is strength in the recognition of what is good and brilliant in others. That it makes for being a man being proud of.

For dear Shauna, do not fret, for there are good men out there.

I love you, my babies!

“For those who were close to their lovers, the news of that person’s superior test results appeared to actually activate feelings of connectedness and an affirmation of the relationship’s value. The result: Male self-esteem remained intact.

“The more the male partner can focus his thoughts on the ‘team’ aspect of the relationship, the better he copes,”

Acting a Fool | Psychology Today

On Finding an Honorable Man

Something I’d want my lovely niece Shauna to read when she starts dating.

“Do not confuse velvet words and simply holding a door open as honor. Instead, observe how he treats others, your waiter, the homeless, and the marginalized. For if you see how he treats those at their highs and lows, you’ll understand how he will treat you during your high and low points.”

A Letter to My Daughter About Young Men — HeartSupport — Medium