The Void

I'm browsing through old photos. Pre-relationship me was SO out and about! Exploring new places and spaces, experimenting on experiences and going out with friends are some of the many other things that filled up my time. Then the love of my life came. Beautiful whirlwind. I wanted to spend every spare minute of my... Continue Reading →


Week 41 Round-up

INBIA BIM Yup, I just needed to post this. It was worth altering sleep cycles! After learning, reviewing and taking tests pertaining to modules on: Establishing Successful Entrepreneurship Programs, Guiding Companies: Leveraging Resources and Strategies, Finance and Operations for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Programs, and Design and Management of Facilities that Serve Entrepreneurs, I finally have my... Continue Reading →

7 Habits Daily Booster

Shared from the Living the 7 Habits app: Knowledge is the most precious treasure of all things because it can never be given away nor stolen nor consumed. Sanskrit proverb—Habit 7: Sharpen The Saw

Rainy Artsy Weekends

It's been raining for days on end in Manila and what better way to have a cozy tita weekend indoors than go artsy fartsy? Yup, I whipped out my Ikea water color kit, my Secret Garden coloring book, cleared my table and painted away. It was a therapeutic experience. And it was honestly a relief... Continue Reading →

Find a Clooney, Be a Clooney

This is something I'd like my dear nephews Miguel, Joaquin and Ynjgo to be mindful of - that there is strength in the recognition of what is good and brilliant in others. That it makes for being a man being proud of. For dear Shauna, do not fret, for there are good men out there.... Continue Reading →

On Finding an Honorable Man

Something I'd want my lovely niece Shauna to read when she starts dating. "Do not confuse velvet words and simply holding a door open as honor. Instead, observe how he treats others, your waiter, the homeless, and the marginalized. For if you see how he treats those at their highs and lows, you’ll understand how... Continue Reading →

Stoked for the Side Hustle

Now that I am doing the work that I love (though not necessarily earning shitloads from it), I am excited to take on side hustlea that will help me make this happen. Stoked! Onwards! "8. Take on a side gig exclusively for the sake of that savings account. It will be exhausting for a while, but... Continue Reading →

Finding Comfort in Trade-Offs

A good reminder: "The happiness literature has identified one of the most deeply satisfying human psychological states to be one called “flow.” It occurs when you are so immersed in an activity that you lose track of the passage of time. If you can land a job that enables you to experience substantial periods of... Continue Reading →

The Power of Contrast

Something to remind myself whenever I'm not as patient in understanding new perspectives: Parallels are comforting. They are warm and fuzzy and easy to mistake as loving. But they are not the seeds of growth. Sameness won’t expose you to knew things, or teach you all that much about life. The strongest couples aren’t made up... Continue Reading →

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