The Startup Girlieness of Being

Right after the glorious rush of introducing great entrepreneurs in our Startup Community here in Manila (Makati, specifically) for the first Startup Grind event of the year after quite a long hiatus, I start this blog. Most people don't understand what I do, or what the community stands for. From the outsider's perspective, being a... Continue Reading →


What Dreams May Come

Grassroots community Technopreneur Bootcamp. Investor Meetup for portfolio founder. Press Brief. Awards night for bossings. Packing up for new spaces. Talking about solid teams. Reporting about globalization strategies. Sharing about La Prospective case studies. Talking on air to scale the opportunity of democratizing access of capital for commercializeable science and technology. This wraps up my... Continue Reading →

On Community

Flash back to the moment when I was having milkshakes and salad with my girls, my classmates back in high school, one glorious Friday afternoon, equipped with our stories, picking up where we left off after a long time of not seeing each other. Yes, milkshakes and salad may very well be a weird combination,... Continue Reading →

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