7 Habits Daily Booster

Shared from the Living the 7 Habits app: Knowledge is the most precious treasure of all things because it can never be given away nor stolen nor consumed. Sanskrit proverb—Habit 7: Sharpen The Saw


Talk Shows on Mute

  Week 48 encroaches as of this writing. "Natutulog ka pa ba?", I remember my grad school classmate asking me. He was perplexed with all the bustle my life seems to have had lately. Perhaps this was borne out of scenes with me being shipped off to different places for work, still being enrolled in school... Continue Reading →

30 Scientific Reasons Your 20s Are For Doing What You Want

Because “Everyone needs that one truly nutty story to tell their grandkids”.

Thought Catalog

1. You’re not a teenager anymore. According to a recent study, teenagers’ brains are actually wired to be more self-conscious and hyper-concerned with what others think of them. Who needs that kind of stress? Celebrate NOT being a teenager anymore by decidedly not caring about other peoples’ opinions.

2. Science says we’re alright. Take comfort from this excerpt from Dr. Jay Giedd of the National Institute of Mental Health in The Wall Street Journal: “The fact that the brain stays unfinished during early adulthood ‘is the best thing that ever happened to humans’ because it allows us to adapt to changing environments […]. We can figure out what kind of world we live in and what we need to be really good at.” Translation: it’s scientifically okay to not have everything figured out.

3. You are not yet old enough to get hangovers that slam into you like…

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Of Margaritas and Visionaries

(Oops, so this post is kinda two weeks late. Pardon me. Moving on!) I just came from dinner (yay, margaritas!) with my friends and had the great opportunity to sit down with arguably one of the greatest visionaries I've known so far on an unconventionally casual note. So, in the interest of sharing what I got... Continue Reading →


Just finished watching the most recent episode of Cougar Town and now I am left with red, moist eyes. Dang it, the show's supposed to be a sitcom! With a splash of a cheesy father-daughter dialogue put into the fray, there is no other way for me to react but shed buckets of saline fluid and... Continue Reading →

Sticky Love

Please don't mind if I'm in a streak of mushiness these days... but a video like this has got to be worth sharing. Now, THIS is what we'd wish for in a relationship. Love is not ephemeral. Bow. Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

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