That Thing Called Design Thinking

It’s been a while since I’ve held a workshop. In fact, I haven’t done one for the last three months! Things were different before when running workshops around technopreneurial topics was like muscle memory to me. And so in the pursuit of gaining back that strength, I’m just going to go do it. Less talk, more action!

Specific to design thinking, I really appreciate the open source materials available online. I’m enjoying the read on Stanford D-School resources. It’s very fun and engaging. Doing this to brush up and be a better helper. Hoping to be able to run workshops again soon, and be more involved in community work, the best way I know how. Here’s to supporting more entrepreneurs, and empowering them to be the business leaders of tomorrow!

On Purpose

My soul tells me it needs to express its creative self. It also wants to be in a safe place where people will respect substance over form, as it naturally prefers. It feels a lack of that creative expression, and things need to be figured out to address this gap and take on next steps.

I also occasionally feel a lack of exercising service for others. I am at a point where I realize life has given me so many opportunities. It is my intent to scale these opportunities into more and more opportunites for more and more people. I want to do it. Heavens, please help me figure out how. Excited to teach, excited to immerse.

It is true what they say about the self being the greatest enemy. It’s been easy to quit or numb myself from all the glaring stimuli in the world today, as a way to cope. But in the process of doing so, I do not wish to build a habit by reacting like this. There is so much to feel – the ups and downs and the lessons that lie therein. Universe, please grant me the courage to take in those feelings head on, as well as empathize with the people around me.

The purpose may get hazy at times, but it’s a good reminder for the self that all things pass, and nothing is ever absolutely bad when we perceive things at a larger view.


“Where do the good boys go to hide away?” – so goes the song. Good point. I got myself a good boy. My patience and prayers were rewarded.

It’s a privilege to be part of this evolving story of ours. From the jitters we felt when we started dating, to the comfort we now feel in each other’s company.

I remember the times he’d pick me up after class just so we can spend time together. Or that night when we decided to stroll around The Academic Oval and catch up on each other’s day. Or that time he went with me to his alma mater when I had a talk, and we went to the cafeteria and he toured me around. All the things I missed in high school, In college – all those years, what we have now has filled in the void.

It is not an easy life, being in a relationship. But it does pave the way for a spectrum of new experiences and opportunities for character formation.

I like the little things I do for him too. Trying to cook for him (even though most of the time it’s lackluster in taste), rubbing his back, doing errands here and there. It adds relevance and purpose.

I look forward on the next phases of evolution for our partnership. To patience and prayers, here we go. 😊

The Little Things

A continuation on rationalizing hard decisions. They say more weight lies in love, respect and commitment than grand gestures. So, here goes:

1. He involves me in important matters in his life – family activities, events, what-not.

2. He takes care of me when I’m sick. He battles through traffic just so he can check in on me periodically, in spite of his other responsibilities.

3. He checks in on me as the day starts and as the night concludes. I’ve grown into the habit of doing the same.

4. He sends and fetches me through and from airports when he can.

5. He makes an effort to make meals for me, or at least buy them, as he is a busy person. 10-hour normal work days, 24-hour days or more on shoot days.

6. He makes time for us in spite of his looming deliverables. It’s not as much time as I like, but I like him for his ambition and hardwork, and I need to respect that he needs to dedicate time in achieving his goals.

7. He’s grown to do silly things to relate with his silly girlfriend. Yes, selfies and baby-talk and other things most men cringe doing.

8. He surprises me not with girly things like flowers, but nifty, useful stuff. Too useful sometimes. I use the smartwatch, powerbank and bluetooth speaker he gave me everyday, the microwave on lazy days, and the oven on good days.

9. He makes time to be with me on important moments of my life. Grad school graduation, that awards night one time, I even remember I was with him when I was cramming and submitting my fellowship applications, when I was applying for my visa, when I was rushing to finish my grad paper. He’s been constantly supportive.

10. He’s been tolerant of my meanness. He does not deserve it. I tend to channel my craving for attention through acting out, when things are not done my way. I am mean. I am insecure. And he has been choosing to stay. I guess that is what love is.

So it’s my move to make after all. How can I be a better partner?